HOW WE GOT STARTED

Our founder, Claire, started FGU for one simple fact; the gaming world is overrun by male gamers. While there is nothing wrong with that, she wanted to find other female gamers to game with. So in December 2017 she decided to start FGU (Female Gamers United). Although she started FGU to meet new girls to game with, FGU has turned into a safe haven for female gamers. We have grown substantially in the few month we have been around. We currently have 523 members on Facebook and our Discord is growing fast as well. We know we will continue to grow. We have an amazing team of admins to help incoming gamers join our ranks. So no matter if you game on PC, Xbox, PlayStation or even stream creative/IRL you are always welcome in FGU!


Hello, i'm Claire the founder of Female Gamers Unite. I'm 35 and a mother of 1. Both myself my wife and my son are all into gaming. (Its a family Affair) I started FGU to interact with other female gamers out there and to try and help them grow as gamers/streamers as a whole.



Lead Admin

My name is Ruthii_Rawr, I am a recently postgraduate student in England and I specalise in Interntaional Relations! my core focuses are International politics, theory, global governance and America's impact on the world!
I am lead admin for Female Gamers Unite, taking special focus on the mental support of the community and organising everyone to make Claire's life easier!! I am pretty much always available to be contacted and will respond as quick as possible and to the best of my ability.

FGU Reps


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